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Every Colony Has a Story to Tell

The really fun thing about being involved in TNR (trap neuter return) is every colony has a story to tell. Let us introduce you to Mama Noble and her five noble gases: Argon, Xenon, Krypton, Radon and Neon. Mama Noble is part of a colony at smoeone’s home. This person regularly feeds and cares for the cats .Last year, they were overwhelmed with kittens, and so this year, they reached out for help! Before we

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Tulip & Fam

When you look at these pictures, you might think that these two kitties look very similar, and it is because they’re quite literally family! Meet Tulip! She was rescued from a Church parking lot a few months back. When we got her, she was sick with an upper respiratory infection (URI), covered in fleas and full of intestinal parasites. Thankfully we were able to nurse her back to health, and she has since been

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Paw-tner Stories: the Mansion Kitties

We love to share success stories of our team efforts! Head on over to our Paw-tner, Cole & Marmalade, to read about when we joined Ash from the Chiquitin’s Cat Project, Inc. as well as Anderson County PAWS to save some extra-feisty kittens and cats: Things Get Spicy When Rescuers Save Kittens Near an Abandoned Mansion And don't forget to check out our feature on The Dodo Foster Diaries! https://www.

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