✨The really fun thing about being involved in TNR (trap neuter return) is every colony has a story to tell.

?Let us introduce you to Mama Noble and her five noble gases: Argon, Xenon, Krypton, Radon and Neon. Mama Noble is part of a colony at smoeone’s home. This person regularly feeds and cares for the cats .Last year, they were overwhelmed with kittens, and so this year, they reached out for help!

?‍⬛Before we trapped Mama Noble, we had TNRed five other cats in the colony, and estimated we only had a few more. Mama Noble was one of those few.

✨One night when we were trapping, this very feral cat came out of the brush for dinner. Poor girl didn’t realize dinner came with a catch. We were able to trap her and get her to our vet the next morning to be spayed.

‼️While they were spaying, they realized she was nursing. That meant there were kittens we need to located ASAP and reunite with mom.

❣️Luckily for us, the caregiver was able to located all five babies safely (albeit very hungry) in the brush. They brought them to us, we reunited with them Mama Noble, and set them up in a large crate in one of our Foster’s garages.

?‍⬛Over the next four weeks, Mama Noble raised her babies beautifully. She was the best, most attentive mom, but she did not like human contact (at all). So once her babies were eating wet and dry food on their own, we moved them into a foster home, and brought Mama Noble back to her colony to release her.

❣️Now the five babies will get to be adopted, and will live their best lives in their forever homes, and Mama Noble will never have to raise another litter of kittens again. She can live her best, feral life.If you’re want to joining our growing TNR team, use the link below to apply to become one of our volunteers.

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