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About Miss Dixie's Kitten Rescue

Our Mission

We are a 501©3 nonprofit kitten rescue located in Seneca, South Carolina founded in 2019.

Our mission is to provide specialized care and attention to sick, injured and orphaned feline neonates and prepare them for placement into loving, forever homes.

  • Left to the elements, most orphaned kittens cannot survive on their own.
  • They need specialized care and medical attention in order to thrive.
  •  Our network of foster homes is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of these kittens.

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Our Programs

We specialize in rehabilitating sick and injured kittens as well as raising orphaned neonatal felines. In 2022 we expanded our efforts and created a Full-Circle TNR Program, focused on Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) in the Upstate. Our #1 goal is to reduce the number of sick, injured, and orphaned kittens coming into shelters.

  • TNR Program
  • Foster/Adoption Program

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)

Kittens do not magically appear out of nowhere. Every kitten has a story, and that story generally leads us to a colony of cats.

Foster/Adoption Program

Miss Dixie’s Kitten Rescue is comprised of a network of foster homes dedicated to the health and wellbeing of every kitten in our care.

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Like every non-profit we encounter everyday expenses that without supporters like you we could never do this work.

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Today we present to you, a most regal and photogenic family portrait. 👑✨ ...

This adorable group of kittens had been successfully evading us for nearly two weeks. We are so happy to finally have them safe and in our care.

They are from a colony that we have been working on getting TNR’d. We spent days trapping the adult cats and searching for the kittens (even crawling under spider infested trailers to try to find them), but their moms had them very well hidden. They are a little spicy and need a good bit of TLC, but we’ll have them healthy and sweet in no time!

The “R” in TNR stands for return and it’s one of the best parts! Seeing the cats happy to be back in their familiar habitat AND knowing they are now fixed and vaccinated is one of the most rewarding feelings. 💕 ...

We’re already through the first quarter of the year and it sure kept us busy! From January - March we already made some big strides towards our 2023 goals.

🚑We rescued and took in 59 kittens/cats into the rescue!
💕We found homes for 44 of those kittens!
🪤We were able to TNR (trap, neuter, and return) 69 cats!

We are definitely feeling the strain of kitten season already. We get multiple requests for help daily and as a small foster-based rescue, it’s so hard to not be able to accept every single one. If you would like to help us this kitten season, we are looking for local fosters and local TNR and transport volunteers! Please send us a message or fill out a volunteer app from our website. We can make the biggest impact when we have help from our community!

THANK YOU to our dedicated team of fosters & volunteers and our community of supporters! Without your donations and online support we couldn’t be making these strides. 🥹

We greatly need help with transporting our TNR’d cats back to their colonies after surgery! The time of day they are brought back is very flexible and our typical return days are Tuesday and Wednesday.

We will cover gas costs and supplies needed to keep your car clean! Transporting cats is easy! We lay down pads in your trunk, load up cats in their traps, and you drive them back to their colony to release them.

They will need to be picked up in Seneca (close to the Clemson side) and are usually transported back to Easley or Pickens. After they are released, the traps are returned to the pick up spot. However, we can work out the logistics of getting the empty traps back to us if returning the traps to Seneca that day would be out of your way.

If you might be able to help, even if it’s just once a month, please send us a message on here or email us at tnr@missdixieskittenrescue.org. We can work out specific logistic and answer any questions you may have.

The Screamies Prize Packs are headed out today to the winning foster kittens of 2022 that you voted for! Our second annual Screamies was a great success! You all helped us reach our fundraising goal and were there for the fun and silliness of the award show. We are so grateful!

Thank you again to our amazing sponsors for these prizes!
@katmarie_designs (15% off code: SCREAMIES23)

This little family is a great example of what we mean when we say Full Circle TNR. We’re a kitten rescue at our core and a huge part of that is TNR (trap, neuter, return) for the prevention of kittens born outdoors.

When we take in a group of kittens like Slide, Seesaw, Jungle Gym, and Sandbox, our mission doesn’t stop there. We make sure to return to TNR mom, dad, and any other cats in the colony. You can definitely see the resemblance between Dad & Slide!

If we didn’t focus on TNR and only took in the babies, there would be another litter of kittens there in just a few months or less!

This way, the babies are rescued and will be adopted into great indoor homes and the colony they came from is completely spayed & neutered! There will be no more kittens born there and the rest of the cats get to live out their best feral lives with all the benefits that come from being TNR’d (no stress from constant mating and pregnancy, no negative mating behaviors like fighting, roaming, and yowling, and being vaccinated against rabies).

If you feed outdoor cats, we highly recommend you get them all spayed and neutered as soon as possible to help reduce the cycle of overpopulation and death. If you are looking for financial resources or assistance getting them trapped and to appointments, you can reach out to us at tnr@missdixieskittenrescue.org.

We posted about Almond and Charlie back in January, but these two handsome boys are still on the search for their forever homes! They have amazing personalities, so we wanted to share a little more about them.

Almond is:
•a gentle giant
•confident and curious
•very friendly
•playful with toys, humans and cats alike. always ready for a zoomies session.

His foster refers to Almond as being the “Switzerland” of the house because he can get along with everyone and every other animal. He would do well as a solo cat to soak up all the attention or with other friends! He just turned a year old. 🎂

Charlie is:
•loves head rubs
•smart; he will hide toys around the house and then zoom around to find them later on
•loves lounging on the kitty hammock to watch squirrels
•friendly and outgoing, and is the first cat to approach guests for attention

Charlie would also be available as a solo kitty or with his buddy Almond.

Let’s help find these babies find their forever homes soon! 💕

We hope you are taking some time to rest and recharge this weekend like little Sandbox here! 🥰 ...

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