You might have heard that terminology before when describing two kittens or cats, but what does it mean?!

??Quite simply, it means they can’t live without eachother. Bonded paris will do everything together: eat, sleep, play. You name it, they are doing it together. It’s quite possibly the sweetest co-dependent relationship in existence.

❓One misconception we hear is: well I don’t want to get a bonded pair, they will never bond to me, their human! And while we understand the confusion, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

?‍♀️Bonded pairs love to do cat things with their buddy, but they still look to and rely on their people for love and affection (and some entertainment). A bonded pair simply means you get two kitties obsessed with you rather than one!Unfortunately, bonded pairs can be more difficult to adopt. And while it is tempting to separate pairs for easier adoption, we refuse to do so. Kitties deserve friends too.

✨We currently have three AMAZING bonded duos seeking their forever homes TOGETHER: Ezra & Kanan, Charlotte & Wilbur, and Baby & Posh Spice. These duos have been overlooked because they must go together!

‼️For the time being, we are reducing the adoption fee for bonded pairs to $75. We don’t normally do this, as the adoption fee covers their spay/neuter surgeries, but we would really like to see these babies in their forever homes soon!If you’d like to adopt a bonded pair, head over to our website & fill out an application! We promise, in this case, two is wayy better than one!