?We were on a TNR mission last week where we found this tiny baby and his sibling in horrible condition. Sick with an upper respiratory infection and worms, their eyes and nose were glued shut with gunk and they were very emaciated.

?Despite our best efforts and fast action, his sibling did not make it. However, baby Puck has made a huge recovery in just a little over a week! He is putting on lots of weight and enjoying all the attention he receives at his foster’s house.

?Puck’s story is the perfect example of why TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) is so important. Even though his colony had a feeder, the cats were unfixed. Only 25% of kittens born outside survive to adulthood. Puck’s mom’s previous two litters had also all passed away. When we TNR we stop the cycle of suffering and decrease the population of cats outdoors.

?‍⬛If you are interested in joining our growing TNR team, apply to become one of our volunteers. We can’t do this without help from people in our community like you!

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