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Pet Name: Skipper

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Breeds: Domestic Shorthair

Sex: Male

Color: Black/None

Meet Skipper
Skipper is ultimate best friend material! He loves nothing more than spending time with his people! He is always excited to see you and runs to greet you every time you enter a room - even if you were just there. He loves to cuddle and hang out in your lap while he purrs for hours. His hobbies include napping at the top of the cat tree and bird watching from his window seat. He is a very playful boy and loves a good wand chasing session. You can't find a kitten sweeter or more loyal than him! Skipper has tested positive for Feline Leukemia. FeLV is not a type of cancer. It's a virus that causes a weaker immune system and often a shorter life-span. For the most part, 'FeLVies' are just like any other cat. It is recommended that Skipper should only live with other FeLV+ cats, but dogs and other animals are just fine! He would do great in a home with one of his FeLV+ siblings, Chai or Earl Gray. Any questions? We'd love to talk with you about FeLV care!
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