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Pet Name: Elliot

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Breeds: Domestic Shorthair

Sex: Female

Color: Tortoise

Meet Elliot
*Available for pre-adoption* Elliot was rescued with her little brother ET. She was sick, dehydrated, and malnourished, but quickly bounced back with some extra love and care. Elliot has what his called a fever coat from her mom being sick/having a high temperature when she was in vitro. The fever coat gives a fluffy gray appearance to her fur, but will grow out as she gets older. You can see underneath the fever coat that she is a tortoiseshell cat! And, we'll be honest, even if you couldn't see what her coat looks like, you might be able to tell by her big personality - often called Tortie-tude. Elliot is a bit of a sassy diva, but makes up for it with her super sweet and loving disposition. She insists on being wherever you are, like on the couch, in your lap while you're eating, in the bathroom with you, or cuddled up in bed to go to sleep. She is very vocal and is always ready to let you know what's on her mind by meowing at you. When she isn't sleeping or cuddling with you, Elliot likes to be playing and exploring her kingdom (the house). She is very energetic and loves to chase cat toys, climb, pounce, jump and play with her brother ET. She has two large dogs at her foster home and right now, she thinks they are way too big to be in the house and will often hiss at them if they get in her space. However, we think she will continue to warm up to dogs and might even like a slightly smaller dog friend more. Elliot likes to pick on her brother ET, but in a big sister type of way. She is very protective of him and gets really lonely if he is not with her. We would love a home that could adopt them together! Elliot still needs to grow a little bigger before she can be neutered, but in the meantime, we are accepting applications for him to be pre-adopted. This means you will go through our normal application process and IF approved, Elliot will be officially adopted and arranged to go home with you as soon as she is ready!
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