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Pet Name: Ollie

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Breeds: Domestic Shorthair

Sex: Male

Color: Fawn

Meet Ollie
Ollie literally found us and basically begged us to save him. He had a severe upper respiratory infection and was extremely thin. Despite that, he has always been a super loving and happy boy. Ollie loves both his people and feline friends. He is a huge cuddle bug. He likes to sleep with you at night, preferably curled up by your side and tucked under the blanket. During the day, he likes to lay in your lap on the couch. When it comes to play time, Ollie does great solo and with friends! While he was in quarantine getting better from his cold, he learned to play on his own. He can entertain himself for hours with a toy mouse or a wand if no one else if up for playing. However, now that he can be out with others, he loves to play with friends. He gets along great with everyone. He has an amazing temperament with other kittens and cats and can read their body language well. When they want to play, he is ready to play. If they aren't in the mood, he is okay with that too! This little guy is just happy to be here.
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