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Pet Name: Oyster

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Breeds: Domestic Shorthair

Sex: Female

Color: Brown

Meet Oyster
Say hello to Oyster! Oyster seems to think her mission in life is to show the world that cats can absolutely be as (if not more) affectionate as dogs! She is the first to come running (literally) to greet you when you open the door. She loves to be as close to your face as possible so you can properly hear how loudly she is purring. She likes to sit on your shoulder or your head if you would let her. Lately, she has been showing off one of her favorite new tricks (and most adorable) - leaping up into your arms if you call her name and hold out your hands for her. There are quite a few paths to Oyster's heart. She loves pets and cuddles, but she equally loves the opportunity to show off her hunting skills by chasing a toy or poking the dog and then sprinting away from him before he realizes what hit him. If you offer her a Churu treat - you instantly rise to best friend levels. Oyster would do great in a home with kids, playful and friendly kitties, and dogs!
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