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Pet Name: Murtagh

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Breeds: Domestic Longhair

Sex: Male

Color: White/Brown

Meet Murtagh
Meet Murtagh! Murtagh is a fluffy boy with magnificent ear tuffs and the sweetest pink nose and toes. He is pretty laid back and enjoys napping in the sun and spending hours watching birds. He loves to get pets and is one of the rare cats who actually wants his belly rubbed. When his kitten energy spikes, he enjoys playing with his toys and playing tag with his sister Joey. Murtagh loves to be your shadow and hang out in the same room you are in. You might not even see him come in, but suddenly his head will pop up on the couch beside you! He likes to sleep with you, cuddled up at your feet or up by your chin. Joey and Murtagh must be adopted together! They are a bonded pair and complement each other wonderfully.
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