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Pet Name: Kanan

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Breeds: Domestic Shorthair

Sex: Female

Color: White/Charcoal

Meet Kanan
Kanan is a little bit shy and reserved at first, but that all changes once she gets to know you! She will start to purr the second you walk into the room. This pretty girl is both sweet and gentle, but has a very energetic side when the mood strikes. She loves to chase wand toys and wrestle with her sister and foster friends. She is obsessed with lick treats, so give her one of those and you'll be her favorite person ever. She is very bonded with her sister Ezra, so they have to go to a home together. She loves to groom her, cuddle with her for naps, and play with her around the house. She balances out Ezra's energy perfectly, and they must be adopted together! She is good with dogs once she gets to know them
Grand Larceny