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Pet Name: Joey

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Breeds: Domestic Shorthair

Sex: Female

Color: Grey

Meet Joey
Meet Joey! Joey got her name because she loves to burrow and sleep in pouches or cave-like places, much like a baby kangaroo. Joey may start out just a little shy, but once she warms up, her chaos queen energy comes out! Joey is extremely play motivated and would love a home that will give her daily interactive playtime. She has never met a toy at she doesn't like. Some of her favorite toys are cat wands to chase, soft balls or mice that she can bat around, and a random scrap of fabric that she likes to carry around and throw off the couch. Joey is extremely sweet and loving and enjoys long naps with you. She wants to burrow under the blanket with you every single time! Joey and Murtagh must be adopted together! They are a bonded pair and complement each other wonderfully.
Grand Larceny