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Pet Name: Ezra

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Breeds: Domestic Shorthair

Sex: Female

Color: White/Charcoal

Meet Ezra
Ezra is a VERY social butterfly! This cute girl loves to hang out with her people. She has the cutest little chirpy meow that she will greet you with and likes to rub against your legs until you acknowledge her and pick her up. She will purr the whole time you pet her and she loves to be held on your shoulder or in your lap. She is very high energy and she likes playing with wand toys, but crinkle balls are her favorite. She likes to carry them around the house in her mouth and loves it when you throw them for her. Ezra is okay with her younger foster friends, but she doesn't get along well with older cats. Her favorite friend is her sister Kanan. They are extremely bonded and they do everything together and must be adopted together! She is good with dogs once she gets to know them.
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