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Pet Name: Dory

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Breeds: Domestic Longhair

Sex: Female

Color: Calico

Meet Dory
Meet Dory! Although we are a kitten rescue, we also have a soft spot for our senior cats. Dory was found, in the pouring raining, huddled up next to a building. After taking one look at her, it was clear she needed help asap. Dory came in severely underweight, sick and had a severely matted coat. It was clear she used to be loved as she is the sweetest girl to walk this earth, but had suffered either years of neglect. Soon after getting her into our care, Dory was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease, arthritis and a grade III heart murmur. Thankfully kidney disease can be managed through diet, and she has taken to her new food like a champ. This sweet girl is looking for a home to spend the rest of her life, even if it's a short time, in comfort. She's a simple girl really: she loves pets, butt scratches, a heated bed, some good food and a human to keep her company. Because of her arthritis, she needs an extra large litterbox that she can maneuver easily. She doesn't particularly care for toys. She really just wants a warm home, someone to love and a fluffy bed to rest. We know finding the right home for Dory will be difficult. She is not a young kitten nor is she an older gal without any baggage. She has had a rough life and deserves a chance at her own happy ever after. We are seeking a home willing to help Dory adjust to life indoors, a home that can provide her the special food she needs to keep her healthy and someone who understands that Dory loves love, but she's still figuring out how to give and receive it in a way that feels safe for her. If you live within a 3hr drive of Seneca, SC and are opening to learning more about this girl, please fill out an application and we would love to schedule an interview to chat with you about her.
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