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Pet Name: Cheerio

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Breeds: Domestic Shorthair

Sex: Female

Color: Grey/Buff

Meet Cheerio
Say hello to Cheerio! Cheerio has a gorgeous and unique coat pattern, called a "Tabico coat because of the combination of Tabby stripes and Calico colors. She is a petite little girl with a growing personality that is getting bigger by the day! Cheerio can be a little timid at first, but she has warmed up and really come out of her shell at her foster home. Cheerio loves to be your house shadow, often following you from room to room to see what you're up to. She is a chatty girl and loves to chirp and meow at you, especially if she feels like you aren't giving her the attention she deserves. Cheerio is very playful and active. She loves daily playtime with toys and with other cats. She likes to play tag and wrestle with all the kitties in her foster home. She is very athletic and enjoys climbing tall cat trees and finding high perches that she can sit on and survey her kingdom below. When she is ready to settle down for a rest or a little cat nap, her favorite spot is by your side on the couch or snuggled up on your chest. She absolutely loves to get affection! She will push her head into your hands as you pet her and happily wiggles around. Cheerio would do great in a home with a playful feline friend or with her favorite foster buddy, Dougal. She is comfortable with large dogs and isn't bothered by them, as long as they don't startle her. Because Cheerio can still have her shy moments, we believe she would do best in a quieter home without young children.
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