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Pet Name: Phoebe

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Breeds: Domestic Shorthair

Sex: Female

Color: Black/White

Meet Phoebe
Phoebe is an adorable little house panther with a big personality! She has a cute little white patch of fur on her chest and a sprinkle of white hairs on her neck. Her favorite activities are spending time with her humans, playing with her cat friends, and helping sample some of your dinner. Phoebe is a very talkative girl and loves to carry on a conversation and tell you what's on her mind. She loves to cuddle when you are on the couch and she likes to sleep with you at night. Her favorite toys to play with are cat wands that she can chase around while showing off all her best moves. Once she catches her "prey she will pick it up in her mouth, hold her head up high, and prance around with it so you can congratulate her. After just a week in her foster home, she is making great friendships with the other kitties! She will occasionally still hiss but we don't think she actually knows what a hiss means because she'll hiss and immediately go back to playing with them. She loves to play tag and chase toys around the house with her foster friends. While some cats like to be more independent, Phoebe is the opposite. She loves to spend time with you in whatever way she can. She'll watch TV with you, be your sous chef while you cook, and cheer you on while you're folding laundry. She can't wait to meet you and be your new best friend!
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