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Pet Name: Olga

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Breeds: Domestic Longhair

Sex: Female

Color: Tortoise

Meet Olga
Meet Outdoor Lawn and Garden (aka little Olga)! Olga was discovered at one of our local Walmarts in, you guessed it, the outdoor lawn and garden section. This sweet little girl had been begging for food scraps from the employees for weeks. She was skinny, filled with worms and a bit dehydrated, but otherwise perfectly healthy. Olga has the best manic kitten energy! There will never be a dull moment in your home. She absolutely loves every cat she meets and wants to be their best friend immediately. She would do well in a home with multiple cats. Not only is she a good playmate for other cats, she is a sweet cuddle bug. Her favorite thing to do (aside from playing with her friends) is to cuddle up next to you or on you and purr the night away. She adores human affection and has really grown quite fond on lap naps. Olga's ideal home would have other kitties for her to befriend and humans who are ready for a cuddly companion.
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