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Pet Name: Molly

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Breeds: Domestic Shorthair

Sex: Female

Color: Orange/Grey

Meet Molly
Meet Molly! If Molly were in school, she would be an aspiring fashionista and supermodel (superMEOWdal, if you will). She is a bit of a diva but is a big Mama's girl at heart. You can find her cuddled up with her mom Lola in their favorite fluffy rainbow bed or on the top of the cat tree. Once she has reached maximum energy from her nap, Molly is ready to PLAY! She has never met a toy she doesn't like, but her favorite toys are wand toys she can chase around while showing off all her best moves. She has quick reflexes and is the best jumper in her foster house. When she gets the zoomies, she puts on her best "Halloween cat pose, fluffs up her tail, and sprints across the living room. Molly would love to be adopted with her mom, Lola. She loves to play with her, chew on her tail, nap in sunspots together, and provide her daily entertainment with all her kitten shenanigans. Since her mom didn't get to have a safe indoor kitten experience, Molly is doing a great job helping her mom discover her inner kitten and teaching her how to play and have fun. When she isn't taking a nap or running after her toys, Molly loves to get pets and purr. Her favorite treats are Churu lick treats and she thinks she could eat a hundred of them at a time (if we'd let her). If you have been looking for an entertaining, energetic, and sweet kitten, Molly is your girl!
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