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Pet Name: Meteorite

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Breeds: Siamese/Domestic Shorthair

Sex: Female

Color: Smoke

Meet Meteorite
Meteorite can be a little shy but she will tolerate being picked up and she loves being around other cats. As she is getting older she has learned the wonders of cuddles and is turning into a true lap cat! She only has one eye and it hasn't slowed her down even a little. She's very vocal. She will talk back both to her humans and her siblings and if she's shut in a room and can hear you outside, cue the music! If she sees you giving attention to another cat she will let you know that she sees what you are doing, although that doesn't mean she wants the cuddles for herself. So far her favorite toy has been a roll of paper towels...or by the end of playtime, what was left of a roll of paper towels! Her ideal home is going to be one that's willing to be patient with her. She's a sweetheart, but has to get to know people. Meteorite is bonded to her brother, Jupiter and so they need to be adopted together. As Miss Dixie's will not adopt a single kitten out without a cat already in a home these two would be perfect starter kit!
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