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Pet Name: Mama Lola

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Breeds: Domestic Shorthair

Sex: Female

Color: Grey/White

Meet Mama Lola
Meet Mama Lola! Lola was rescued with her two small kittens, Molly and Magpie, just before a huge rainstorm. We can't believe she was living a life outside before this. Lola is a sweet, gentle girl who has done a beautiful job raising her babies and is now ready to find her forever family, preferably with her kitten, Molly. She is very laidback and prefers to spend most of her day lounging in comfy spots like her cat tree, the couch, or a warm sunny spot in front of a window. It seems that Lola didn't get to enjoy kittenhood when she was growing up outdoors because she is just discovering the art of playtime! She makes cute little trills and zooms around the house when she gets excited. As her kittens have gotten older, she loves to play with them, especially if a game of tag or hide and seek gets started. Lola is great with other cats as well and acclimates to them quickly. She would love a home where she can continue to come out of her shell and embrace her inner kitten in the safety of an indoor space. You can tell she wants to spend time with her people, but she is still a little nervous initially. She loves to be in the same room with you and likes to get head scratches while eating dinner. We think Lola will be a very loyal and loving companion!
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