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Pet Name: ET

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Breeds: Domestic Shorthair

Sex: Male

Color: Tan

Meet ET
*Available for pre-adoption* This little guy was named ET because of his alien-like appearance when we rescued him and his sister, Elliot. He was extremely underweight, dehydrated, sick, and he was half the size of his sister. He gave us quite the scare when he suddenly declined and had to spend nearly a week in and out of the emergency vet. However, little ET is a fighter and we are so happy that he has pulled through and is now ready to find his forever home! ET is still on the smaller side, but this boy has a HUGE personality. He absolutely adores spending time with his humans. If you are sitting on the couch or going to bed, he demands to be at your side - or more specifically, curled up on your chest or tucked under your chin. Now that he is feeling better, he is happy to use all his energy by running around the house, exploring, and playing with his kitten friends. He seems to think he is an excellent hunter and you'll often look over and catch him slowly creeping up to pounce on you. ET is a little spoiled (rightfully so) and loves to get pets and belly scratches. He will even roll over like a little puppy to give you access to his whole tummy. We found that the source of ET's heath struggles was IBS, so he is required to be on a prescription GI food, but other than that, he is a healthy and happy kitten! ET is very bonded with his sister Elliot. He gets along with other kitties, but he gets sad and lonely if he is separated from her for long periods of time. We are looking for a home that can adopt them together! ET still needs to grow a little bigger before he can be neutered, but in the meantime, we are accepting applications for him to be pre-adopted. This means you will go through our normal application process and IF approved, ET will be officially adopted and arranged to go home as soon as he is ready!
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