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Pet Name: Dougal

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Breeds: Domestic Shorthair

Sex: Male

Color: Grey/Wheaten

Meet Dougal
This is Dougal Mackenzie AKA Dougal-Noodle or just Noodle Head. He has the sweetest droopy eyes and has a spotted tabby pattern! Dougal is a confident and outgoing boy. He is curious and loves to explore and meet new friends. He has lots of playful energy and enjoys chasing wand toys around the house or finding a stray leaf to play with. He is very social with other cats and loves to play tag or wrestle around. A fun fact that he would like to share is that even though he's just a little guy, his meow is very deep and sounds like an elderly cat that may have been a smoker for most of his life. Dougal is very sweet and a huge love bug. He loves to rub his nose on your face and purr (especially after he has just eaten stinky wet food). When it's time for him to settle down for a nap, he likes to cuddle up on your chest or lay beside you. He is great with other cats and good with dogs.
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